General Course Details

List of General Degree Programes


B.A in Visual Communication
B.A Sociology, Economics, Psychology
BA (English) – Bachelor of Arts in English
BA (Psychology) – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BA in Communication and Media, English and Psychology
BA in Economics
BA in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics
BA in Economics, Sociology, Political Science
BA in English, Journalism, Psychology
BA in English, Political Science, History
BA in History, Economics, Political Science
BA in Journalism, Economics, English
BA in Media Studies, Economics, Political Science
BA in Philosphy
BA in Psychology, Sociology, English
BA in Tourism, Journalism, History

MA – Economics
MA – Economics
MA in Applied Economics
MA in Counselling and Spirituality
MA in English
MA in English with Cultural Studies
MA in Performing Arts
MA in Philosphy
MA in Theology
MA in Theology of Religious Life
Master of Social Work in Clinical and Community Practice

PH.D in English

M.Phil in Economics
M.Phil in English


B.Com (Hons) – Accounting & Finance
B.Com (Hons) in Strategic Finance
B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce
BBA – International Immersion
BBA Honours
BBA in Finance and International Business
BBA in Tourism and Travel Management

M.Com – Masters of Commerce
Master of Finance & Accounting
Master of International Business
Masters of Commerce

PH.D in Commerce
Ph.D in Economics

M-phil in Commerce


B.Sc (Hons) – Food Technology and Food Processing
B.Sc (Hons) – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
B.Sc (Psychology)
B.Sc – Biotechnology, Genetics, Biochemistry
B.Sc – Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry
B.Sc – Physics, Chemistry, Maths
B.Sc – Physics, Chemistry, Maths
B.Sc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany
B.Sc. (Microbiology)
B.Sc. – Bachelors of Science
B.Sc. – Biochemistry
B.Sc. – Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology
B.Sc. – Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
B.Sc. – Computer Science, Maths, Electronics
B.Sc. – Computer Science, Maths, Statistics
B.Sc. – Economics, Maths, Statistics
B.Sc. – Fashion & Apparel Design
B.Sc. – Genetics
B.Sc. – Physics, Maths, Electronics
B.Sc. BioTechnology – Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Bsc (Bio Chemistry) – Bachelor of Science in Bio Chemistry
BSc. (Genetics) – Bachelor of Science in Genetics

M.Sc – Applied Genetics
M.Sc – Botany
M.Sc – Computer Science and Applications
M.Sc – Electronic Media
M.Sc Apparel Technology & Management
M.Sc Applied Genetics – Master in Science in Applied Genetics
M.Sc Biotechnology – Master of Science in Biotechnology
M.Sc Chemistry – Master of Science in Chemistry
M.Sc Computer Science – Master of Science in Computer Science
M.Sc Electronics – Master in Science in Electronics
M.Sc Physics – Master of Science in Physics
M.Sc Statistics – Master of Science in Statistics
M.Sc. – Actuarial Science
M.Sc. – Zoology
M.Sc. in Development Studies
M.Sc. Mathematics – Master in Science in Mathematics
M.Sc. Microbiology – Master of Science in Microbiology
MSc (Bio Technology) – Master of Science in Bio Technology
MSc. (Bio Chemistry) – Master of Science in Bio Chemistry

PH.D in Chemistry
PH.D in Computer Science
PH.D in Physics
PH.D in Psychology

M.Phil in Chemistry
M.Phil in Computer Science
M.Phil in Law
M.Phil in Mathematics
M.Phil in Philosphy
M.Phil in Physics
M.Phil in Psychology


B.Des – Bachelors of Design
B.Design in Fashion Design
B.Design in Product Design
Fashion Designing

M.Des – Masters of Design
M.Design – Financial Management
M.Design – Marketing Management
M.Design – Product Design
M.Sc – Fashion and Apparel Design


Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)
Diploma in Elementary Education(D.El.Ed)

PHD in Education

M.Phil in Education


B.A – Journalism, optional English, Psychology
B.A – Journalism, Political Science, Optional English
B.A – Journalism, Psychology, Economics
Bachelors in Journalism

M.A – Journalism and Mass Communication

M.Phil in Media Studies


BBA LLB – Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Law
LL.B – Bachelors of Law
LL.M in Constitutional and Administrative Law
LL.M in Corporate and Commercial Law
LL.M in Intellectual Property and Trade Law


PH.D in Law


Bachelor of Computer Applications – BCA
BSW – Bachelor of Social Work
PH.D in Social Work

M.S.W – Master of Social Work
Master of Social Work in Human Resource Development and Management
MCA – Master of Computer Application
MTTM – Master in Travel and Tourism Management

PH.D in International Studies
PH.D in Mathematics
PH.D in Media Studies
PH.D in Sociology
PH.D in Tourism

M.Phil in International Studies
M.Phil in Social Work
M.Phil in Sociology
M.Phil in Tourism

Diploma / PG Diploma in Life Skills for Leadership and Community Development

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